A few months ago I started thinking about building a home server. And a few weeks ago the project became reality.

So before describing my server here is the needs I wanted to fulfill:

  • SSH server accessible from anywhere (I don't like being jailed at work)
  • downloading server for my ... Linux ISO ... (and if possible an user friendly one to be used by my wife too)
  • TimeMachine backup for my mac
  • DLNA server

On the DLNA server I have to admit I thought about going for a HTPC style server directly plugged into my TV, but I decided to go the other way for several reasons. First because my TV is DLNA compliant so I can still watch it on TV (less flexible but still ok) and second I wanted to be able to watch it from several places not only my TV (for example from an iPad, iPhone, laptop ...).

I also wanted to try OpenBSD for a while so I decided it was the right time.

My home server is build around:

  • Small Antec ISK300-150 box (I tried the 65W one but the server refused to boot ... it seems that even if the power needs are under 65W when on load the boot required more than that ... so finally I got to switch for the 150W)
  • Pentium G620T (dual core) on a mini ITX Intel mother board (DH67CF)
  • 4 Go of RAM (grabbed from my main desktop, it is clearly overkill)
  • 1 To HDD

At first I tried the 4.9 stable OpenBSD release but I was out of luck because the sandy bridge is a recent platform so I grabbed a 5.0 snapshot and ... It works great !

I will describe my first weeks with OpenBSD in a next entry.